Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Chapter 61: Even Rocky has a Montage

My last gameplay session was ruined by several annoying glitches. It started with Wolf freezing up for no reason, mid-stride. I'd reset him and he be fine for awhile, but freeze again. Then, his architecture career refused to behave. First, if the client wasn't home when he taking measurements, he'd get the 'Go Home' direction in his queue, which would interrupt the measuring process. So, not a huge deal. The measurements help with the final score, but he can do the renovation without it. But, while doing the renovation, the money for the new items was being charged to my family, not the client. And, the checklist for the job requirements wasn't acknowledging it when I bought the required items. So completing jobs became impossible. In my final try to complete a renovation, I completely lost the UI when it entered build mode. I had to restart my PC to get out of the game.  I had an issue like that earlier in this game where I lost my UI and had to revert to an earlier save.

So, this neighborhood is pretty much toast. Since it's Generation 10, I'm calling this legacy complete. I have a few pictures of play before it died, and I've compiled a little montage of screenshots I've taken throughout the whole legacy.

I will be starting a new legacy very soon, continuing the story of this legacy's Generaion 9 spares, Hawke and Raven, in Brooklyn Heights. I'm currently in the process of populating that town. I will post a link to that legacy here when it's ready.

Cricket becomes a YA. He buys a small cottage and marries Jada Speeking. They take the name Speeking-Roman.

Her son and his wife are at it often enough; Phoenix figures she should have a grandchild by now.

Kamala is pregnant.

Cricket asks his brother for a renovation, he wants a new bedroom set for himself and his new bride.

Jada and Cricket get romantic while Wolf takes measurements.

After this, the game falls apart.

So, here's the montage of out takes:

Carey thinks Warm Gun should add hand puppets to the show.

"Do you have to do this in my bedroom?"

Foster plays with himself.

Hey! Knock first!

Gibson rages over the clogged toilet.

Darius and Autumn get frisky.

Meadow gets a tip from her father.

The time machine in the attic of Rex's museum. I was going to do a scene about Rex and Tamsin traveling in time, but it's not a very photogenic activity, and with all the world traveling they did, I just dropped the idea, and never mentioned the time machine in the attic. Until Generation 9, when it came into play. Then, I kind of wished I had included this scene so it wouldn't look like that time machine appeared out of nowhere.

Rex and Tamsin in China.

Darryl's creepy neurotic painting.

Demond attempts to woo Teresa Roth. Even though they were romantic interests at the time, she rejects him over and over. Later that day, I got an SP pop up telling me she'd married someone else.

"I was the best character in this legacy, you know."

Sheridan, the king of gratuitous beefcake. Fan service ahoy.

Tam and Rex. Rex lived a really long time.

"Still the best character."

Darius helps Thessaly with her homework.

Sheridan scowls.

Quinn! Is! So! Excited!

Aislin gets stuck in an elevator.

Trent sculpts. Aislin dances.

Rex loves the play room.

It's full of stars!

So, that's it.
All my goals for Gen 10 were ongoing. The 'Homemade' requirement was easy, as I already had a fridge full of homegrown fruits and veggies. I actually failed on the Social Bunny, as I went over a week without sending Wolf out on a date or outing. I forgot about it, actually.


  1. Apparently Wolf just couldn't handle the sight of his brother making out, and that's what imploded your entire game.

    I loved the montage, and this entire legacy. Like the two before it, it was incredibly fun to read. Thank you.

  2. Cricket was so handsome! And I LOVE the picture of Quinn. So cute.

    I'm sorry to see it all end though... but equally excited to see your next legacy! Good luck.

    Also, I'm getting that glitch where sims freeze mid-stride as well... and I'm only in Generation Three (freaking out a bit). I may have to move them soon, just to see if that helps. :(

  3. SO much better then Rocky's montage. Just saying.

    Ya Cricket is so cute! I just adore him. Any chance of an upload? : D

    "Foster plays with himself." <- Best. Caption. Ever. I could help giggling. I'm such a child...

    Yeah yeah, Devon. Everybody loves you. Get over yourself.

    And Quinn is so cute!

    Loved your legacy and heartbroken to see the early end. Really love the original way you tackled the "living in the past" roll, as well as your single with help rolls (Breakin mah heart Jasmin. Just kiss him already!) and Sheridan. Thank you a hundred times for Sheridan.

  4. Thanks, guys! I'm sad to be leaving this legacy behind, but I'm very excited for the next one. Hawke and Raven look forward to being released from CAS.
    I hope the freezing glitch doesn't ruin your legacy, Giga!

    I'd be happy to upload Cricket. I'll do that today after work.

  5. Sad not to have been able to give it a proper finish, but I guess your game had another plans for you!!

    Great legacy - your characters certainly were... characters! I think my favorite part of the legacy was Sheridan and Kennedy(?)'s banter back and forth.

    Really looking forward to the next one (which will kind of feel like an extension of this one in a way, like it never ended!)

  6. What an incredible legacy. I thought the montage at the end was a great way to finish the story. I really enjoyed seeing all the old characters again.

    I can't wait for your next legacy! Your characters are always so vivid, and your writing is amazing. I'm really looking forward to seeing Hawke and Raven again too.

  7. Maybe upload Jada too? The Speeking-Roman thing is hilarious.

  8. Thanks again, everyone! I still have a few families to make and add to the town, but I'm getting close. I hoping I can start playing by Sat. or Sunday and have a first chapter up next week.
    Becky, Cricket is happy you want his wife along as well. I'll get them posted this evening.

  9. Awwhs, The end of another one of your epic legacies... They're always so good! I can't wait to see your next one too :) Your writing is an inspiration.

  10. Hi! I don't have a blogspot ID so I will be commenting in my LJ one.
    Exactly a week ago I found out about Random Legacy Challenge and Foster Enmity Legacy was the first one I clicked on to read. I didn't expect to love this Legacy thing as much as I did. I mean, I love stories and The Sims but wow.... You did an amazing job!
    I found myself loving each and every character over and over again. I love how you were capable of giving each character a different personality and different lifestyle. I could go on saying what i loved the most but I'll keep it simple:
    Foster and Carey are some Hotties! Although Foster's a playboy, he's still sexy.
    Sheridan! You've got a fangirl in me! Forever.
    I loved Meadow and her transition and I loved that there were Vampires in the story too.
    I was so grateful for Quinn and Tina - they're one of the cutest couples and I was glad you had some homossexuals in the legacy. Rex lifestyle travelling was awesome!! Omgg What else? Oh, you have awesome CC. Love your outfits so much *.* And I love that your hairs aren't to say it...superficial? No, I don't know. But they look Simnormal. ehehh like they came incorporated.
    I know there's so many things I wanted to say, but this will be it. Thanks for the awesome reading week :)
    I'll be sure to read Roman's legacy, but not now. I have to do other stuff in real life too. ahahah
    take care

    1. Hi, Oneshotwriting!
      It's great to get comments on my old legacy, and I'm really glad you enjoyed it. And thanks for your comments. My Sim characters are very importnant to me, I like to see them all be individuals, and as real as possible. Hairs are actually a big issue with me, I really dislike a lot of CC hair because it's all too big and styled for my tastes. I prefer a more casual, natural look.

      My Roman legacy went on up to Gen 6 before I started getting this really awful lag that made me give up on it. Just so you know before you start it, it doesn't go to gen 10.

      After that I started a non-legacy story you might find interesting (when you have time, lol, in between doing real things in real life. =D )