Friday, August 26, 2011

Chapter 60: Builder

Some emergencies are fairly minor. Though Phoenix has been promoted all the way to Fire Chief, basic maintenance and repair jobs at the station still fall to her just as they did when she was a lowly mechanic.

Other emergencies are life threatening and dangerous. Phoenix tries not to wonder why the old man was wearing a speedo and pirate boots when the roof collapsed on him, and just focus on freeing him before the fire kills him.

Cricket has a birthday. Just like his brother, he invites only friend to his celebration, Jada Speeking, who had her birthday the day before.

Cricket becomes a teen. Except for his eye and hair color, which he got from Fox, Cricket is the image of Phoenix's father, Trent.

There's no question about what comes next for Cricket and Jada, they'd been planning this since they were children. This would be their first kiss, if they hadn't passed that hurdle already in crypts during a school field trip.

"So, you're serious about Kamala?" his mother asks, her voice strained.

"You don't have a problem with the Ramaswamis, do you?" Wolf asks in return. His mother never showed any signs of prejudice before, so Wolf is a little puzzled at her attitude.

"No, no of course not," Phoenix says, realizing what her question implied. The only problem she has with the Ramaswamis is that her great-grandmother Chanda was a Ramaswami. But Phoenix can't tell her son that, she's never told anyone but Fox about where she's from. "I like Kamala," Phoenix says reassuringly, "You should bring her around the family if you're serious about her is all."

"She'll be here all the time when I marry her," Wolf answers, watching his mother's face for a response. Her smile is a  little tight, but it is a smile. He hopes this isn't going to be an issue for her. "Unless you want us to live somewhere else?"

"No," Phoenix says adamantly, "I want you, both of you, to stay here."

"I'm going to have the house wired for electricity," Wolf announces, hoping it doesn't freak her out. He's never understood why his parents live the way they do. They've never spoken about it, never had and anti-modern philosophy or beliefs he was aware of.

"Oh, of course. I always meant to do that, once we had the money. But I guess I just got used to living without it."

Wolf shakes his head sadly. His mother is so weird.

Wolf becomes a man, and immediately makes good on his promise to modernize the house. He likes the rustic aesthetic his parents have going on, so he maintains the style of the place, while adding electricity, showers and a real refrigerator and stove. He also gets rid of the mismatched dining chairs his parents picked up from who knows where.

When the work is done, he invites Kamala over to show it off.

He built a barn out front, part garage, because he wants a car, and part workspace, for both himself and Kamala.

She wants to be a nectar maker, so Wolf bought the necessary equipment and set it up for her.

The Romans invite the Ramaswamis over for a family dinner. Sanjay works in the music industry and can't make it, so Priya comes without him.

Wolf wastes no time letting his intentions be known to Kamala's mother. Priya quickly gives the coupple her blessing. "Sanjay and I have discussed this many times," she says, "We are happy to have you as a son-in-law."

With that taken care of, Wolf escorts Kamala to the final item on his tour of the house. He's created a space in the attic, a large master suite, just for them.

As a grand finale, Wolf presents her with a ring. Kamala pretends to be surprised, but she was expecting this from the moment she arrived.

"You will stay with me tonight, won't you?" Wolf asks.

"Oh, I don't know," Kamala backs away, "I really wanted to be married first."

"Then let's get married, right here, right now."

Kamala weighs her desire for a wedding party, which is really more about her parents than her own wishes, against her eagerness to start a life with Wolf, and decides in favor of doing it now.

And just like that, the couple is married and starting on their honeymoon.

The town holds a ceremony in Phoenix's honor, even giving her a key to the city. She's reached the pinnacle of her career, and has served Riverblossom Hills well. Though she's not yet an elder, Phoenix decides it's time to retire.

Her work, while satisfying, has caused her to miss important events like her sons' badging ceremonies. She wants to spend the remaining time she has left before becoming an elder just being with her family, fishing with her husband, and upgrading all the new appliances and electronic Wolf has brought into their house.

Having done such a great job on his family home, Wolf decides to make a career of it. He registers himself as an architect, and immediately gets called for an assignment the next day. He's just that awesome.

Did someone say Wolf was cocky? maybe just a little...

The house: First floor. The dining area was enlarged to accommodate a table for six. New fridge and stove, a TV and shower tubs in the bathrooms.

Second floor attic space: a master suite for Wolf and Kamala.

The barn/garage: New laundry facilities, space for two cars. And a room for nectar making.

Second floor of barn: Wolf's studio. Drafting table, easel, sculpting station and computer desk. And a display case for all the trophies Wolf is sure he'll be getting.

Exterior of the main house.

Wolf's first job is to create a study for Mechanicholas Treebeard.

Wolf cannot hide his horror when he sees how little space he has to work with.

Wolf does what he can with the space. The most important thing about working with clients is you have to bend to their tastes, even if that taste is for pink and green florals.

Wolf's next job is to create a nursery for Antoinette Wattson. He's barely on time for that; while she's inspecting his work, she goes into labor. As he's the only person on hand, Wolf escorts her to the hospital.

After a few hours of labor, they return to the Manor of Speeking with baby Nathan, and the new mother can continue the tour.

Jada can think of a lot of things she'd rather do with Cricket besides watching TV with him and his father. She uses all her mental powers to will Fox out of the room.

Finally, the parents disappear into their own room and Cricket and Jada have some private time.

"Damn!" Jada curses as she rises suddenly from the couch, "Stupid curfew. See you tomorrow, Cricket." The daughter of Sherlock Speeking cannot be caught outside after curfew.

Kamala helps Fox with the gardening, learning from a master. All her nectars will be pressed from the finest fruits.
With the new PC Wolf bought, Fox has discovered video games. While he's tending his plants, his mind is on killing the Archdemon before the blight takes over Ferelden.

Some people might be squicked out by this part of the nectar making process. Others might pay extra.

Phoenix didn't realize until recently how much she missed having showers. Fox discovers there are other ways to play while getting clean that don't involve the rubber duckie.

Challenge Notes:

Phoenix did manage to complete the Perfectionist goal before Wolf's generation took over. The last three electric items she needed to repair for that were the fire station laundry and TV, and a broken computer she ran into while handling an earthquake emergency. Yes, I made the two victims stuck under the rubble wait for Phoenix to fix a PC before rescuing them. She still got an A on that job.
I don't think spouses are included in Perfectionist, but Fox did all the challenges for fishing and gardening skills. Not that I was trying for those, but that's what he does all day, so it was bound o happen.
Both Phoenix and Fox achieved their LTWs (to max 3 skills). Phoenix maxed Handiness, Athletic and Fishing. Fox mastered Fishing, Gardening and Cooking.

Wolf also has the Renaissance Sim LTW. He'll master painting and probably sculpting and charisma.
His traits are Friendly, Loves the Outdoors, Charismatic, Perfectionist, Artistic.
Kamala's traits are Virtuoso, Loves the Outdoors, Absent Minded, Technophobe...I forget the fifth. She came with the LTW to max guitar and charisma. I probably won't change that or her traits.

I made Phoenix retire early because I don't want to do two ambitions jobs at once. It's trying enough to to manage the gardening, fishing and nectar pressing while driving Wolf around town on assignments.
The architecture career is proving difficult here, for various reasons. One is that RH features some very quirky houses, and very tiny lots. As any who has played this career knows, the assignments you get don't take into account how much space you have to work with. And the game does take into account how many beds there are, and if there's proper kitchen and bath equipment, and even if your assignment is to add a gym, if there aren't enough beds and other living basics, you fail. This is a problem for me because my neighborhood is currently overcrowded. The only empty houses are little one bedroom deals that no one will move into, and everyone is packed in tight in houses without enough beds. So every job is requiring I find space in the budget to add whatever is required, plus extra beds for everyone so I don't fail.
I have added new houses here and there, but most empty lots are 16x18. Since I'm only playing one more generation, I haven't wanted to take the time to build new little houses. And the ones I used in my previous RH were made by plasticbox, the lovely little Wee Barnoids. Which are great, but all use CFE to build split stairs, and are thus a pain to change in any way. And they are so tiny and tight, adding a gym or any other goofy assignment, would just be impossible.
The job for the Simbot was a fail. The house was built to meet a Simbot's needs. There's a pile of scrap, but no kitchen. The house is 6x6. To get past the 'You have to give me enough to live!!!' requirement would require I build onto the tiny house, which would entail so much relandscaping. I just gave up and blew it off.
Long story short, I hate my job.

On the plus side, Living in the Past is over. Yay, showers!


  1. DRAGON AGE!!!

    Kamala is so cute. I can't wait to see the kiddos for Kamala and Wolf (I bet they'll be pretty!).

    Also, I echo your excitement for showers. I can't fathom how difficult (and time consuming) it must have been using the bath tub every time.

  2. I need a clone of Kamala and Wolf. O.O They are beautiful.

    And I love the house! So much! The work area is so awesome. And the barn! So cool! I also love those little box lights. I don't think I've ever seen them before.

  3. I absolutely adore your house, even more with the additions! It's so gorgeous :)

  4. Great addition!! I love the barn!

    That sucks about the architect career being such a pain, I hope you find a way to work around that. Or I guess wolf will just be really bad at his job... =)

  5. Thanks guys!
    I will get Wolf and Kamala up sometime this weekend.
    Bathing was such a nightmare (though I did enjoy watching Fox enjoy his rubber duckie). It wasn't so bad when it was just Phoenix and Fox, because Fox is self-employed and the firefighter job starts later in the morning. But getting the two boys bathed and fed before school was a hassle.
    I love my house, too. I love rustic cottage houses. The box lights are from a Store set, the Hewnsman. It think they took that set down recently.
    So far the only job Wolf flat out failed was the Simbot house. He's gotten bad reviews on a few. One, the Speeking house job, because I had to sell off a lot of crap to make room for the beds I needed: that house was full up with 8 Sims, so it needed more than the required crib. One of the items I sold was a teleporter, which is like 9k. So, he client was a snob and bitched that I didn't spend the whole budget, because I had more money leftover than I originally started with.
    In the future I might just skip jobs that are for the tiny houses and stick to ones I know I have the space to work in.

  6. Love the reference! I agree with Giga, the kids will be gorgeous!!!

  7. I had a really annoying glitch with Don where the sim moved out during the renovation. >=(

  8. Lol at that picture of Wolf being cocky. Too funny!