Saturday, May 7, 2011

Chapter 1: Happiness is a Warm Gun

"You got us a place on Nature Trail? Since when are we hippies?" Foster demands of his long time friend and now new roommate Carey, "This place doesn't even have street access. We can't park a car here!"

"Can we even afford a car?" Carey responds, "This place was cheap, and it's close to the clubs. Since we don't have transportation, being in walking distance to gigs is kind of important."

"Gigs are your thing, dude," Foster answers, "I'm bypassing the whole starving musician scene and getting a job in the music industry. I'm going to be a rock star."

"A corporate product, you mean," Carey replies scornfully. "Working in the industry means you'll never get to make real music, you'll just be churning out soulless product."

"And getting rich and famous for it, too," Foster adds.

Foster Enmity dreams big. He wants fame, wealth, limos and groupies, and his guitar is the means by which he intends to realize his rock and roll fantasy.

Carey Burden is devoted to his craft. He will sacrifice money, comfort, stability, everything, just to be able to play his guitar all day.

Foster gets himself a job at the theater, the first step on the rock star career ladder. While he's there he meets a coworker, Cleo Shibuku.
"Hey, baby, we have great physics," he flirts.

"Chemistry?" she corrects him.

"No, I'm a guitarist."

While Foster is out getting a job, Carey heads out to the Reserve Tavern. Bars like this are a great way to create local buzz about your band. When you have a band, which Carey doesn't have at the moment.

No band and no audience, but any time is a good time to practice.

Foster shows up later and jams with Carey for awhile.

While Foster toils as a roadie, Carey spends his days and evenings busking in the park for tips. Some days he brings home more money than Foster.

One day he meets another busking musician at the park, Rory McGregor.

Rory's got a really badass mohawk, and Carey really needs a bass player, so he asks the old guy to join his band.

"What's your band called?" Rory wants to know.

Carey hadn't thought that far ahead. "Uh, 'Warm Gun'?" he suggests. Because happiness is a warm gun. Yes it is.

"Great," Rory smiles, and officially joins the band.

Warm Gun doesn't get any gigs right away, so they just jam at the local taverns.

Foster has been getting close to Cleo at work, so he invites her back to his place when their shift is over.
Things seem to be going smoothly, and Foster is sure he's getting into some pants tonight.

The pants do come off, but Foster is denied access.

"What the hell! You can't go this far and then just stop!" Foster yells, "Bitch!"

"Yes, I can," Cleo shouts back, getting out of his bed and back into her pants, "You are such an asshole, Foster Enmity!"

It's not like he hasn't heard that before, but he prefers hearing it after he's gotten laid, not before he's getting rejected.

Carey checks out the Red Shed, a very small but popular dive bar on the outskirts of town. He was going to jam, but he got distracted on the way to the stage by the most beautiful girl he's ever seen.

Her name is Roslyn McDermott, and she leaps into his arms when he tells her he's a musician. Foster has told him some girls are like that, but Carey has never had the pleasure of meeting that kind of girl before.

She even agrees to come back to his place with him. She and her roommates have moved into the empty house next to his.

Roslyn plays keyboards, so Carey asks her to join Warm Gun. He should probably have waited to hear if she's any good on the keyboard, but he's too head over heels to care. Paul McCartney made it work for him, after all.

"Really! I've always wanted to be in band!" Roslyn squeals, "Or to be with a guy in a band."

"Well, you can do both," Carey suggests. Roslyn squeals.

Unlike his roommate, Carey doesn't try to push his luck too far, and says goodbye to Roslyn with just a kiss.

Warm Gun jams at the Reserve Tavern. If only they could find a drummer, they might actually get some real paying gigs.

Roslyn turns out to not be very good at the keyboard, but Carey is sure that with practice, she''l get better.

One audience member is one more audience member than Warm Gun has ever had.

Carey isn't famous or rich, but he's living his dream.

Foster joins a political protest outside City Hall. Not that he gives a rat's ass about whatever they are all protesting about, he's just interested in meeting some of the hot chicks with signs.

Nancy GilsCarbo surprises him by telling him how hot he is before he gets past, "Hey baby." Not that Foster doesn't know he's hot, but usually he has to tell girls about his guitar prowess before they jump on him.

Roslyn comes home with Carey after their jam.

Foster decides to be nice and give the couple some privacy. Besides, Nancy GilsCarbo is one of Roslyn's roommates, and he figures if Roslyn is at his place, there's room for him at their place.

Carey invites Roslyn back to his bedroom.

And invites her to spend the night there with him.

After they make love, they hang out in his bed, discussing Bowie's influence on their own musical style.

Meanwhile, Foster is granted pants access with Nancy GilsCarbo. Nancy is fairly competitive, and once Foster told her that Roslyn was spending the night at his place with Carey, she invited Foster to stay with her, not wanting her roommate to score when she hadn't.

Challenge Notes:
Welcome to the first generation of my new Random Legacy.
My roll for the first generation is: Single parent with 'Help' (Foster is the primary Sim, Carey the 'help'), 4 kids, primary career Music/Rock and secondary as busker/band. The goal is Change of Scenery and the Misc. Fun is half siblings.
So, this will be a fairly challenging first generation. I need to get 4 kids by different mothers and make enough money to buy a new house for all these kids at some point.

I was really excited to get this particular roll, being married to a rock musician and largely surrounded by them in real life, having them as Sim characters in my legacy is a lot of fun.

I want to thank Inge Jones of Sim Logical for the name Foster Enmity. I had been testing a relationship mod of hers for Sims 2, and we were discussing how her mod maintained negative relationship scores differently than Pescado's 'enemies accumulate' mod. Inge said that Pescado's mod worked to actively foster enmity, while hers just stopped the relationship from improving without player activity. Since then, I've regularly made Sims named Foster Enmity. In Sims 2, they were usually lawyers with low Nice points, but this time around, I'm using it for a hot-headed musician.

People who have read my original random legacy in Sunset Valley might recognize Foster and Carey as clones of two of the Sims from that legacy. Foster is cloned from Regan Goth, and Carey from Raphael Goth. (They were distant relatives, Regan a descendant of Mortimer Goth several generations down, and Raphael from Gunther Goth and his second wife after he divorced Cornelia.
People who have read my most recent random legacy set in Barnacle Bay/Twinbrook might recognize Roslyn McDermott, a spare from generation 4. Because Riverblossom Hills has a greater number of single males than females, and I'm hard pressed to find dates for Foster and Carey, I moved in some young women to help. Cheap, I know, but master controller hooks everyone up so fast, there's no one left and I need four women to make four half-sibling babies with. The women I moved in are all clones of Sims from my previous legacies. Master controller has already hooked two of them up with other guys, lol.


  1. Great start, this looks like it's going to be a fun legacy. Also, I love how you related the talk about space to Bowie!

  2. Ground control to Major Tom
    Commencing countdown, engines on

    Yay Roslyn. =) Is it the same Roslyn in-story, or a different character?

    I also loved Raphael and Regan Goth from your original legacy.

    I'm sad the McDermott/Carlton one isn't wrapping up soon. ;.; But we play for fun, so I respect boredom, lol. ;)

    I just can't wait for the next expansion pack. I keep hearing how awesome it will be. D=

  3. Yeah, this first generation is going to be thick with classic rock references. I do that in RL as well. It's one of things my husband loves about me, I have a classic rock quote for every situation, lol.
    I was going to have Roslyn tell Carey about how her sister and parents disappeared mysteriously from Barnacle Bay, but it didn't make it in to the first chapter. I still might do that, I definitely think of Roslyn as that Roslyn, I kept all her traits and stuff the same.
    I've always wanted to play with Regan & Raphael again, so when I got the roll for single parent with help, it was the perfect excuse to use their clones.
    I'm sad that I got so bored with the last generation, lol. I do have some pictures of my last few play sessions, but I think the boredom would have seeped into the blog if I tried to make a chapter of it. But I do want to go back and see what the kids look like as YAs, and clone them.
    I'm also looking forward to the next EP. :D